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License Number UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Form 1520-35 February 2002 Odometer Reading ANNUAL MOTOR VEHICLE MAINTENANCE/SAFETY CHECKLIST ITEM. up u E o / / VEHICLE EXTERIOR Paint Winch Bumper Fenders Cab Body Bed or Rack Tire Carrier Spare Tire Lights Doors Glass Mirrors Wipers Washers Heater Defrosters Turn Signals Horn Seat Cushions Seat Belts Extinguisher First Aid Kit Jack Lug Wrench Trim Air Conditioning Entertainment Radio Controls Vehicle Model...
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Everybody straight from bullshit corner and welcome to today's video and today we are going to work on changing the differential fluid out of your Jeep rear-end it's about a dana 35 rear-end and it's easily identified by that there is no drain plug which is stupid there's only a fucking rubber plug and this rubber plug you can either fill or drain from it or you can remove the bolts and drain it that way so I'm not going to go through the hassle pulling it apart I'm just gonna fucking pull the plug use an extractor extract as much as I can out and then use a pump to pump fluid back in so how are we going to identify the rear end in the back of its a limited slip differential or not easy we're gonna stick the vehicle neutral we're gonna Jack it up if I turn one wheel forward and the other wheel goes forward it is a limited slip differential which means I'm gonna have to go out and get some special lube for the rear end but I'm guessing 100% that it's not just a regular ended I spin the wheel the other ones going to go the opposite way and I'm just gonna put regular gear oil back in so before I get my coveralls on we get to work get open up a fuckin beer no project can be started unless just beer hand alright so I got her up on Jack's now I'm gonna spin the tire and if it's not a limited-slip down little just spin backwards see it's like I said one spins the opposite direction so it's not it's not a limited slip differential but enough spins the opposite way next step is removed the plug I just use a flathead screwdriver like that pops out really easy it's not even all that bad I thought it would have been a whole lot fucking dirtier than that everything else was black in this truck stick my little tube in there so we got the flu it all pumped out now extracted with a pump and it's always a good practice to remove the pumpkin and inspect your rear end when you change the fluid that way you can see if there's anything happening inside foresee any damages but since I'm going to be going for a gear change within the next year I'm not worried about what's going to happen here so I'm just going to leave it at that but if you ever want to know kind of gears you got if you have an axle tag I doubt you're going to be able to see that but there'd be a 373 right there I don't know if you're going to see that a camera but that does this my gear ratio in my Jeep 373 on my Dana 35 and Dana 35 s are easily identified like I said by the rubber plug most gear type oils come in a jug that you can just squeeze in I'm going to use a hand pump with mine I'm going to use 75 140 like I said mine is a high mileage Jeep so I'm going to use a little heavier oil in it and it should take about two liters to fill it up then it starts coming out like that you know it's full push you cap back in that's it it's all you got to do yeah well that was another project that went well changing the differential fluid with a pump took me about 15 minutes extract to put it in now if you...